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THE LEAP consortium launch
THE LEAP consortium launch
Photo: Emma Stone

Where: Bradford
With: Born in Bradford at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Mind the Gap, Bradford Eid Festival, Royds Community Association, Keighley Association Women And Children’s Centre

The LEAP will make a step change in arts and cultural opportunity, involvement and participation across the district. Over the next four years it aims to generate 100,000 new attendances at new arts and cultural events in in the wards of Manningham, Bradford Moor, Tong, City, Keighley West and Keighley Central. The focus will be on producing and commissioning artistically excellent work that will represent the richly diverse and youthful culture of Bradford.

The LEAP is a new Creative People and Places project, funded from November 2019. More information coming soon.

Image: The Leap Consortium. Photo by Emma Stone