Programme Information

The programme - what to expect

We are creating an inspiring, engaging event with distinct themes each day and different types of activity:

Day 1 - Policy and Practice
Day 2 - Stories and Learning
Day 3 - Looking ahead

Activity will include:

Conversation - insight discussion sessions with key speakers, panels
Connection - opportunities to connect with other delegates
Create and reflect - with a range of artists and art forms

The practical bits – what to expect

The conference will run from approximately 11am to 5pm (UK time) each day.
It will be hosted on a live streaming online platform
There will be regular breaks to help combat online fatigue.
Some sessions will run concurrently; you will be able to choose which to attend on each day.
Networking opportunities will be scheduled throughout to give you the chance to catch up with and get to know other delegates.


Bookings are now open and you can buy your tickets here.

Photo courtesy of Appetite