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Building relationships with people new to the arts


As Creative People and Places heads to the Arts Marketing Association conference in Edinburgh, we share some of our tips and approaches to building authentic relationships with people new to the arts.

Creative Barking & Dagenham. Cultural Connectors at DAGFEST 2015. Photo Dabuju Media

Ten tips for live streaming an arts event


Paul Steele from First Art shares his ten top tips for live streaming an arts event 

Meta-evaluation of Creative People and Places


Ruth Melville takes a look at the meta-evaluation of the Creative People and Places programme and Ecorys' progress report for year two

East Durham Creates VoiceOver project in Horden. Photo: Richard Kenworthy

In conversation: the role of the critical friend


Rachel Adam, Director of bait and Mark Robinson of Thinking Practice talk to Eleanor Turney about their relationship and wider scope of the critical friend role.

Mapping Newbiggin, bait. Photo: Jason Thompson

Ten top tips: using stewards at outdoor arts events


Jan Lennox from Watermans and Creative People and Places Hounslow shares her top tips on using stewards to build relationships with audiences at outdoor events

co.LAB.se at Bell Square Hounslow. Image: Vipul Sangoi

Deep Roots Tall Trees - supporting community ownership in the arts


Andrew Ormston, Critical Friend to Made in Corby, looks at how the project is moving beyond co-creation to community leadership

Nikki flying with Frantic Assembly in No Way Back. Photo: Scott Graham

Uncovering the learning of the Creative People and Places programme


Researcher Ruth Melville reflects on what Creative People and Places has achieved so far and where the real challenges lie

LeftCoast Growing People project on the Mereside housing estate. Photo: Jack Boniface

New report shows positive signs of change in areas of low arts engagement


Creative People and Places is reaching people from locations that offer fewer opportunities to engage in the arts and is engaging them in a range of different ways, according to a report published today

Performance of Rush. The Cultural Spring, Sunderland. Photo: Dan Prince

The unusual suspects


Sarah B Davies explores the audience data that shows Creative People and Places is reaching people new to the arts

Same Sky winter lights event in Hounslow. Photo: Vipul Sangoi

Why consortia working is the future


Holly Donagh on new research and the importance of consortium-working for Creative People and Places and beyond

bait workshop with community leaders. Photo: Jason Thompson