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Let’s stay connected – the story of Hounslow Community Choir’s first ever original song


A new blog post from CPP Hounslow, telling the story of how ttheir community came together and wrote 'Some Day Soon'.

The Hounslow Community Choir, formed in 2015, is one of CPP Hounslow’s ongoing participation projects, delivered in partnership with consortium partner Hounslow Music Service.  

The group has steadily grown over the last 5 years, performing regularly and meeting weekly during term time for rehearsals. It is a lively, friendly group that is about participation and the joy of collective singing. One choir member noted “being a part of the Hounslow Community Choir group has meant spending a weekday evening with a group of people, from all walks of life, enjoying the activity of singing together.”

CPP Choir. Photo credit Cristina Schak

In March 2020, the group was forced to adopt a new way of meeting. This has been incredibly disruptive for the choir for whom regular rehearsals are “absolutely therapeutic! … a great stress buster and a much looked forward to ‘me time’”. Regular attendances reduced by 80% with members citing a variety of reasons from a lack of interest, confidence or ability to engage digitally to being key workers and caring for family.

While the Choir’s Music Director, Hounslow Music service and the CPP Hounslow staff team tried valiantly to re-create the sense of community that has been lost, it was just not possible to implement a way of meeting that felt right to all or even most of the group: “I think everyone missed the choir, meeting, chatting and singing together you cannot replace this with something on-line, massive shame but I don't think that works – sorry”. 

By September 2020, the choir was in its second full term of meeting remotely. This was when an idea to write a Hounslow Community Choir song emerged.

Choir members were invited to respond to the message ‘Let’s stay connected’. Thinking about this prompt, choir members shared their thoughts, lyrics and single lines, reflecting on their experience of lockdown. The aim was to include a line from each member who wanted to contribute. This was the first time that the choir had been asked to create lyrics for a song, and some members expressed their doubts about sharing their experience in writing. Perhaps for the first time, since lockdown in March 2020, the choir created a new way of connecting. This is how the choir came up with lyrics of their first co-written piece. 

CPP Choir Online Meeting Photo

The Musical Director then put these to music and the result was Some Day Soon, a sound of hope.

‘Such a wonderful song, so well written by the group: it’s fabulous.’

Choir members are thrilled with the outcome:

‘That is absolutely fantastic, it’s just sooo good’

It was lovely and I think it was so nice to hear us all singing in harmony together, which we don’t get to appreciate so much in Zoom…it was such a special thing to be able to be part of. I feel very lucky.’

And although in person rehearsals may well still be a way off, the choir has created something very special – and an enduring memory of this time.