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Building relationships with people new to the arts


As Creative People and Places heads to the Arts Marketing Association conference in Edinburgh, we share some of our tips and approaches to building authentic relationships with people new to the arts.

Creative Barking & Dagenham. Cultural Connectors at DAGFEST 2015. Photo Dabuju Media

Members of the Creative People and Places network are taking part in a panel session called 'Defining relevance' at the Arts Marketing Association 2016 conference this week. 

The conference theme is On a Mission to Matter and over 600 arts, cultural and heritage professionals will be coming together in Edinburgh for a mix of hands-on workshops, debates, keynote presentations, and panel discussions.

Helen Ball from Creative Barking & Dagenham, Karl Greenwood from Appetite and Kathryn Goodfellow from bait are taking part in the panel, chaired by Claire Eva. 

They'll share their challenges and successes in building relationships with people who don't see themselves as regular arts attenders, discussing whether a people-focused approach can help organisations develop relevant and meaningful connections with a new audience.

To support the session, we have pulled together some tips and approaches to Building relationships with people new to the arts, which you can download at the bottom of this page.