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What next?


How one CPP is coming out of lockdown - and working to bring their communities with them.

Front Garden Music Festival. Image: Jacob Deer

Lockdown Learning - reflections on the CPP Case Studies by writer, Kathryn Welch


Kathryn Welch reflects on the process of creating the Creative People and Places Lockdown Learning Case Studies, published between October and December 2020.

Kathryn Welch

How We Made Animal Stories


Animal Stories is a project that has been developed by members of the Hounslow Exhibitions Group, which steers the creative direction and ideas for the Creative People and Places Hounslow Visual Arts Programme. Daisy McMullan tells us more about how the programme was developed and what the participants got out of taking part.

The Brentford Griffin

Digital Revoluton - how we went Digital and what we learned


An engaging blog from Imrana Mahmood, Touch Commission Coordinator at Revoluton Arts, on how Revoluton responded to the challenges faced by going digital in response to the Covid19 lockdown. 

Revoluton Zoom Touch Workshop

Reflections on the CPP Network Gathering, May 2020


Rachel Adam, Project Director, Museums Northumberland bait reflects on her learning from our two-day online 'Gathering'. A twice yearly event where CPP Programmes get together to explore relevant and current topics and issues.

Photo from CPP conference 2018 by SAI Photography

Engaging new audiences and building resilience during a pandemic – what we’ve learned so far.


Nesta Nelson, Producer for Back to Ours (the CPP Programme for Hull) reflects on what has been learned so far, and thinking about what it means for the future.

Back to Ours Bandit Photo by Jerome Whittingham @ Photomoments

Artists capture community mood during Covid lockdown


Doncaster based Right Up Our Street reflect on their artist commissions developed to engage their community during the COVID19 lockdown.

Right Up Our Street Lockdown Affinity photo by James Blackey

Not by or for…. but with


Helen Willmott, Programme Director for Made with Many reflects on the change of the project's name, and what the 'with' means in Made with Many.

Grow Festival 2018  photo by Adam Balcomb