More Than 100 Stories is a commission led by artists Sarah Butler and Nicole Mollet that explores and creatively maps the Creative People and Places programme.

There are more questions...

Postcard designs

Sarah Butler and myself having been thinking about the themes which feature the strongest across all the CPP projects. We have had input from the project directors and settled on a shortlist of ten words.

Here they are in random order;

People, Local, Confidence, Decision Making, Failure, Language, Taste, Time, Partnership, Trust

Our aim is to use these words to structure and connect the 'More Than 100 Stories' final artworks. To try and elicit more creative research material for the commission, we have produced a pack of postcards with a series of questions on the back of them. Questions for example;

'What do you think your CPP project has been trusted with?' and 'Does your CPP have a motto? If not, what would it be?'

The postcard packs will be sent out to all the CPP teams to share and hopefully have some fun discussing and filling them with their thoughts. The answers we recieve will inspire further writing and drawings to form part of the final artwork.